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ConvectHub Documentation

What is ConvectHub

ConvectHub is a hosted Jupyter notebook server environment, together with a few productivity tools to expedite the journey of developing and deploying data science solutions.

It targets to solve the problem that data science solutions developed at Data Scientists’ local laptops never reach production due to lack of infrastructure support. It is built in a very generic way and is not a “Machine Learning Platform”.

Some high levels features of ConvectHub

  • Managed dev environments such as Jupyter notebook, Rstudio, and VScode.
  • Real-time collaboration and shared team storage to allow teams work more effectively.
  • Deploy a drafted notebook as an interactive dashboard and share it with team members and business partners.
  • Use distributed frameworks such as Dask to expedite large vol data process and machine learning tasks.
  • Execute a notebook as a remote job to enable massive parallel experiments.
  • Compose and deploy notebook pipelines to allow data science solutions to reach production rapidly.